Rental Management

"Owners with no worries... We care for the administrative, technical and financial management of your real estate property"

  • A team designed to manage your real estate property on a daily basis and keep an eye on the relationship with tenants
  • Pre-tenancy inspection : search the prospective tenant, check creditworthiness, drafting the leasing document, sign the lease, set up bank guarantees, tenancy inventory, energy performance of the building, handing in the keys, registration of the lease, placement of fire detectors, meter transfer, etc.
  • Mid-tenancy inspection : all relations with the tenant, daily monitoring of cash receipts from rents and charges, recovery procedures, work and maintenance follow-up, insurance management, claims and litigations, etc.
  • Post-tenancy inspection : ending of tenancy inspection and rental damage evaluation, deferred charges, release of security deposit, resume the meters, revaluation of the rental value, rent the property back again.