You are owner of a furnished property, semi-furnished or you are thinking of furnishing it...

As a specialist in furnished flats, each of us is daily confronted with an important number of properties and interiors. Everything goes with the job, because even in our private or family life, we tend to detail the associations of colors, materials and the harmony of materials, such as cloth, leather, stone, wood or even the matching in furniture, as well as associations like 'design' and 'antique'. It is a curious glance, but still pragmatic. We do not only want that it looks 'nice'. On the one hand, we also try to combine the comfort, the convenience and the functionality of objects, and on the other hand, the beauty and harmony of the whole, while respecting the character and the charm of the property. All this, in accordance with the owner's desire, of course!

In order to be present and active on the Brussels real estate market of furnished properties, your property must be regularly refreshed, repainted, and maintained, whether it is furnished or not. A property becomes old and wears out, and to make your property best profitable, it is sometimes necessary to make some improvements or changes. It is not only to be "up-to-date", but also to meet the demand of the occupier. This demand evolves throughout the years.

This is why we can help you through all these steps, whether it is about changing an electrical appliance or refreshing the entire property. Our specialized team can help you and follow the work progress.

Prices available on request.

First, we objectively analyze what is best for you in function of the proposed property, may it be furnished or not. Then, depending on your tastes, your desires and your budget, we will offer you a clear path to follow, as well as a style of furniture and decoration. We define a "furniture" budget, which is thanks to our experience more and more accurate and complete. We will take care of the home fitting from A to Z, going from the small spoon to the curtain confection, the choice of lamps, the bedding quality, the pertinence of electronic appliances, the style of the dining and living room, the efficiency of the office room, until the painting on the wall which will probably be the 'final touch' of this interior design. We keep you informed about the evolution, stage by stage with pictures or visits on site, as well as by email.

We also take care of the work follow-up if necessary, as well as of the price quotations. Thanks to our experience, we can guide you to qualified professionals in numerous domains. We commit ourselves to offer our presence and a follow-up of the construction site, as well as give feedback to you, the 'owner', so you can see and follow the evolution in complete confidence. Because works are often a source of worries.

Prices available on request.

Do not hesitate to contact us in order to know more about our prices. We can also show you pictures of realized projects.

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