Board of Directors

Eric Verlinden, CEO de Trevi Group

Eric verlinden

Chief Executive Officer of TREVI Group and Chairman of the Board.

Co-founder of TREVI Group.

He coordinates the whole business of real estate transactions and takes care of the strategic development of TREVI Group.

Executive Board

The Executive Board consists of members of the Board of Directors and 4 directors of TREVI Group.

Benoit Delrue, directeur du réseau Trevi Partner

Benoit Delrue

Communication and TREVI Partner director. 

John Bourguignon, Sales director - Trevi Vlaanderen

John bourguignon

Sales director - Trevi Vlaanderen

Ludivine Coolens, département Trea Assurance

Ludivine Coolens

Director of TREA Insurance department

Marc Renard, property management & gestion locative chez Trevi Group

Marc Renard

Property management manager