Trustee Property

TREVI proposes its own designed solutions to live better in a trustee situation!

  • You share ownership of an existing building with other people? You are therefore co-owner!
  • If your building consists of more than 20 apartments, you are obliged to call upon the services of a trustee.
  • The trustee is a unique and compulsory body required for your condominium. It manages the real estate at your name and on your behalf. It runs or executes the decisions taken by the general assembly.
  • Call upon the services of a specialist! TREVI offers you more than 50 year experience, a multidisciplinary team and transparent communication through its website.
  • Define yourself your co-ownership profile to receive an offer meeting your needs.

The strong points of TREVI

  • TREVI considers that it is its mission to actively participate in setting up cost-saving measures in order to allow co-properties to benefit from negotiated conditions of leading suppliers and for all co-properties:
    • Heating oil: a discount of 40 €/m³ to 45 €/m³ is granted to co-properties managed by TREVI
    • Fire insurance: a minimum 2,5% discount is granted by our specialist broker on any existing contract
    • Third-party insurance of the condominium council: free for all contracts signed via TREVI
    • Interests and bank charges: ING and FORTIS guarantee deposit on checking accounts at conditions of the time deposit account without any additional service charges
    • Electricity and gas: TREVI has concluded a framework agreement with ELECTRABEL in order to offer condominiums " professional " rates at 20% cheaper than the market.
  • Condominiums are naturally free about their choice and choosing TREVI as a trustee agent does not entail membership obligation at conditions mentioned above.